Why You Should Take Your Next In-Person Event Hybrid

Oct 24, 2021
3 Min read

While you may be tempted to host strictly in-person events as the world reopens, it’s still important not to underestimate the benefits of streaming your conference or event to an online audience.
Enter: hybrid events.
Here, we’re sharing why it’s a smart idea to take your event from in-person to hybrid, the benefits of hybrid events and, how you can start planning your next hybrid event.

Yet, what exactly is a hybrid event?

There are plenty of articles outlining the benefits of hybrid events, but very few actually define what a hybrid event is and how to execute one.

A hybrid event is a mix between a virtual event and an in-person event. This means that your event is accessible digitally and at an in-person venue. The key here is making the connection between your in-person audience, your online audience, and your speaker and exhibitors seamless.

Every hybrid event is different and it may not necessarily be a 50/50 split between virtual features and in-person programming, so it’s important to decide what will be most valuable to your attendees.

Hybrid events might be a lot easier to execute than you might think. Here are a few types of events you can take hybrid:

      • Trade Shows
      • Traditional Conferences
      • Global Team Meetings
      • Product Launches
      • Summits
      • User Conferences

The options are really endless when it comes to the types of events that you can take from in-person to hybrid.

Why take your in-person event hybrid?

There are countless benefits of hosting hybrid events versus strictly in-person events. The main reasons you might consider taking your in-person event hybrid include:
      • Cost-effectiveness
      • Increased revenue
      • Expanded audience reach
      • Versatility
      • Mitigate the risk of potential in-person restrictions

Especially if you’re already planning to record and stream your in-person speakers and programs to a screen or jumbotron, it’s simple to take that same stream and deliver it to an online audience. This makes hybrid events an easy, cost-effective way to scale your event.

Not to mention, you’re able to reach more people which not only increases your revenue but also ensures that your event is more inclusive and accessible. Plus, with hybrid events, you’ll also mitigate the risk of potential in-person event restrictions.

Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid events truly are the best of both worlds. Usually preferred by both presenters and attendees, hybrid events give everyone just the right amount of real-time experience they’re comfortable with.

Extraverts who crave in-person events can get a fully-fledged conference or seminar that feels like the old days. Introverts can engage and participate in the virtual live streams while still feeling included and part of the action. And those who fall somewhere in between can choose when they want to come in person and when they want to tune in from their hotel room.

Features of Hybrid Events

When searching for the perfect platform to take your in-person events hybrid, make sure it’s capable of providing the key features of any good hybrid event including:
      • Event production experts to handle all A/V and streaming

        As many event planners and companies have learned the hard way, most virtual event platforms throw you to the wolves in the technical department. 

        That’s why it’s so important to find a hybrid event platform that provides event production experts to take care of everything behind the scenes. 

        Event planners shouldn’t be the ones handling all the technicalities of running a hybrid event. They’re busy finding presenters, sponsors and attendees. So, be sure to choose a hybrid event platform that can offer event production experts to handle all the A/V and streaming for you.

      • Engaging content
        The trickiest part about hosting a hybrid event is giving both your in-person and virtual attendees a high-quality experience. Sure, the experiences themselves will be different but they should both be at the same level of quality.

        It’s essential that your hybrid event platform can manage engaging content capabilities, especially for your virtual guests. Look for a tool that has features like: 
        • Q&A
        • Polls
        • Hybrid Networking Rooms
        • Live Streaming
        • Recorded Videos
        • Easy Scheduling
    • Customisable event platform
      Next, be sure that the platform you use to host your hybrid event offers features as much customisation as possible. That includes everything from the programming to registration and everything in between.

      By definition, hybrid events aren’t one-size-fits-all. So, you need a hybrid event platform that is 100% customisable with seamless registration options, flexible features and heaps o f unique options.

    • Accessibility
      Hybrid events are certainly the accessible option for many. Yet, is your hybrid event platform really as accessible as you need it to be?

      Make sure you find a hybrid event platform with accessibility features like multiple language options, closed captioning and more.

Need help taking your in-person event hybrid?

Every hybrid event will be different but the very first thing you need to do when planning a hybrid event is to find a high-quality event partner.

Ready to start? Arinex Live has everything you need to plan an accessible, cost-effective hybrid event to take your in-person event to the virtual space. Contact our team today.



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