Why event apps enhance the on-site experience

Apr 28, 2023
2 Min read

Attendees today expect a seamless and efficient experience when they go to an event. One effective way to meet these expectations is by providing a well-designed on-site event app. An event app can not only enhance the attendee experience but also provide numerous benefits for event planners. In this article we'll explore the value that a good event app can bring to improve the overall on-site experience of attendees and event planners.

Provide On The Go, Real-Time Access To Program Information

One of the most significant advantages of a good on-site event app is the ability to provide real-time updates, easily accessed on mobile phones. An event app allows organisers to update schedules, sessions, and any other information in real-time, ensuring attendees always have the latest information. This feature is particularly valuable in dynamic events where schedules can change at the last minute. 


Improve Attendee Engagement 

An event app allows attendees to engage with each other, speakers, and exhibitors, enhancing the overall event experience. Attendees can use the app to connect, message, and share information with one another. Additionally, attendees can participate in live Q&A, polls and surveys, giving them a voice in the event's proceedings. 


Easily Capture Member Feedback & Track Attendance Information 

Data and Analytics tracking provides event organisers with valuable insights, allowing them to understand attendee behaviour and preferences. With this data, event planners can identify what is working well and what areas need improvement for future events. Additionally, organisers can use the data to personalise the attendee experience and create targeted marketing campaigns. 

Use of QR code scanning can help identify who has attended which agenda items to help with continuing education certification and session feedback.


Prompt Activity, Send Reminders Or Communicate In Real Time Through Push Notifications  

Push notifications are a powerful tool that can keep attendees informed and engaged throughout the event. Organisers can use push notifications to send real-time updates, remind attendees of upcoming sessions, and provide alerts for any changes to the schedule. These notifications can help attendees stay on track and make the most of their time at the event. 


Give Access To Critical Information, Even If Mobile Coverage Is Patchy With Offline Access

A good on-site event app has offline access to ensure attendees can access critical information even when they are not connected to the internet. This feature is particularly useful in areas with limited connectivity or when attendees are traveling from different parts of the world. 


Offer A Familiar Look And Feel By Customising The Design To Match Your Brand

An event app should be consistent in the use of colours, fonts and language used throughout the event. This reduces cognitive load and delivers a more familiar and seamless set of interactions, as part of the overall event engagement. And most modern apps make full use of native capability (e.g. QR scanning).


Provide Opportunities For Sponsors To Raise Brand Awareness And Generate Leads

A quality app provides more exposure and higher numbers of leads for sponsors and partners alike by providing them with marketing opportunities such as banner ads, sponsor pages, lead capture and creative activations. 


Easily Set Up And Deploy

The best apps offer seamless integration with your existing registration provider. They are fast to set up (we’ve helped some clients set up their app within days) and no longer need to cost the earth - most apps should easily fit within your event budget.


Summing Up

A good on-site event app is a valuable enabler of a quality attendee experience and can significantly contribute to an event's success. It will provide real-time updates, facilitate attendee engagement, track data, provide push notifications, offer offline access, and be customised to an event brand.  

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