6 Ways to Make Planning Live Events a Breeze

Aug 23, 2022
4 Min read

In business, we all want to find ways to be more efficient and more effective. We streamline all our processes and systems when it comes to the bottom line. So, why do so many associations and businesses leave their annual events to chance?
That’s right – there is a way to organise and streamline your in-person events. From consolidating your event technology to working with experienced broadcast specialists, below we have 6 ways to streamline your in-person events to be more efficient and performing.

    1. Consolidate all your event applications and software.

      These days there seems to be an app for everything. It’s easy for organisations to accumulate app after app as they set up their event. Sounds familiar? Those solutions work fine for a while until you realise that although your tech tools are working, they aren’t working well together – at all.  It’s critical to be aware of what your true tech needs are, especially as it relates to your in-person events. 

      So, document how your tech is and is not meeting your needs at the conclusion of each event. When you start to realise you have too many one-off solutions and a big need for cooperation between systems, it’s time to consolidate. In fact, when consolidating to one platform the best thing you can do is start early – like now. The longer you wait, the harder it’ll be to break free of the various tools and platforms that don’t suit you any longer. 

      And although the process of consolidating can sound daunting, the benefits are proven and golden: efficiency, productivity and cost savings across the board.

    2. Integrate with In-Venue Technology.

      Many venue owners see value in keeping up with event technology trends that benefit both event venues and organisations alike. When you choose a venue, check out the technology they already utilise. Then, make it easier to manage your event by integrating your platforms.

      Some of the best kinds of digital features that you can integrate with in-venue technology include:

      • Audio/Visual Professionals
        The house system may not be as flexible for things like adjusting the microphone volume or avoiding “the blue screen” when you switch laptops brought in by the presenters. So, by making sure you have A/V and broadcast professionals to manage these technical aspects is worthwhile and can help you integrate with your venue.
      • Live-Streaming and On-Demand Content
        By setting up your live-streaming and on-demand content beforehand using event technology, you can simply stream or play those videos to the jumbotron provided at the venue. Having the tech ready to go is key to streamlining the process.
      • Segmented Registration
        By segmenting attendees from the moment they sign up is a great way to streamline your event with the venue. Often, venues offer staff to you to use for check-in and with segmented registration, you’ll make the venue staff’s lives a whole lot easier.


    3. Use the right Event Technology.

      Event technology can bring a big wow factor to in-person events. Think virtual platforms, streaming services, engagement tools, apps and other innovations that can be featured during an event to drive engagement.
      Event technology can be your team’s best ally. And while there are countless event technology solutions, a few examples include:

      • Easy online registration
      • Virtual networking sessions
      • Event apps
      • Multilingual translation
      • Live Q&As and group messaging
      • Professional live streaming
      • Virtual exhibitors and sponsors

      As you consider adding event tech to your toolbox, keep your event goals in mind. Make sure the tech you’re adding to your stack will help you accomplish your goals effectively and efficiently to really streamline your event.

      Go for event technology that can be fully customised to suit your unique needs and avoid overdoing it. Still, event technology not only brings your meetings and events into the future, but they’re also amazing for productivity and organisation too.

    4. Work with Event Specialists.

      Another way to help streamline your event delivery is to hire an event specialist. Events specialists have many roles and responsibilities. They establish event concepts, select venues, secure sponsorships and handle logistics for events.

      Also, they plan and manage event timelines, communicate with vendors and speakers and organise marketing materials – whew!

      The right event specialist can help deliver an unforgettable event and add to your overall revenue. But, it can be challenging to find the right event specialist for your event. Here are a few good questions to ask to help you find the right one:

      • What are their areas of expertise?
      • What services do they offer?
      • Who will be working on your event?
      • What software and technology do they use?
      • How will they enhance your event?

      Arinex Live has event specialists on staff to help you build the perfect event complete with top of the line event technology. So, instead of just another video conferencing platform, we have real-life event specialists, tech support and A/V broadcasting pros making sure your event goes off without a hitch for a truly streamlined experience.

    5. Go Hybrid.

      Hybrid events typically warrant three things: more attendance, more views for sponsors and more engagement. A study found that nearly 98% of attendees at a hybrid event were not planning to attend in-person, meaning your hybrid event can reach more people and you’ll have a different audience than if you held an in-person-only event.

      Hybrid events offer a greater return on investment due to the increased reach and scalability of the event. This also directly translates to increased lead generation for exhibitors. Plus, you get access to data that an in-person event cannot collect.

      In short, hybrid events will bring you:

      • Increased reach
      • Greater audience engagement
      • More sponsorship opportunities
      • Easier access to data and insights
      • Enhanced event flexibility
      • Reduced environmental impact


    6. Pro Tips and Tricks Hybrid.

      If all this information is a bit much and you’re wondering where to go from here, take a deep breath and use the ideas below to get started.

      • Who do you know?
        When you’re looking to reach out to new contacts to present at your association event or new companies for sponsorships, go to your reliable contacts first and see if they have any strong recommendations. This saves a lot of time and they’re more likely to offer honest feedback.

      • Get creative.
        When you think of a fantastic event, what thoughts come to mind? Choose a few areas to take some risks and do something outside the box – something people will talk about after the event comes to a close. Event technology can certainly come in handy when it’s time to get creative.

      • Treat your sponsors like gold.
        They’re paying to be there and you’d like their involvement year after year. Nurture those relationships from the moment you meet them. Make sure to collect their feedback after the event so you can hear their perspective, address any concerns and continue enhancing your sponsorship experience that companies want to return. Try out virtual sponsorships and digital exhibition options as well to offer your sponsors even better returns.

      If you're ready to streamline your event delivery, start here. Our team at Arinex Live would love to discuss unique solutions for your organisation and show you how streamlining your event with event technology can warrant some impressive results.

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