How to Create a World-Class Association Meeting in 2022

Mar 23, 2022
4 Min read

An impactful event leaves a mark on members, stakeholders and presenters. It's a great occasion to share knowledge, network with peers or members, and discuss the journey or the road ahead. Everyone should leave the event feeling more connected to the organiser (and their peers).
For your association, event success may translate in increased attendance or membership, sound learning and sharing outcomes, networking opportunities, or even positive feedback from your key stakeholders.

To achieve this, it will be primordial for your next association event to be accessible, memorable, meaningful, community-centric and filled with high-quality content. Let's go over each of these factors with recommendations for your next event.


    1. Create measurable success indicators

      While analytics might not be the first thing that comes to mind when creating an impactful event, it’s undoubtedly one of the most important. After all, you won’t be able to know whether your meeting made an impact if you can’t measure the results.

      This is where event technology with robust data and analytics tools can be a game-changer in terms of impact. Arinex Live, for example, offers incredible data and analytics reports for event organisers that are full of detailed information about your event, presenters and members.

      When you plan your association meeting to make as much impact as possible, it’s better when you can measure it objectively. For example, you’ll be able to analyse the content impact on your guests by reporting on which videos were watched and which tools got the most engagement.

      Arinex Live's reporting tools are constantly collecting information in real-time, from the start of the registration process and straight through to the end of your meeting. You’ll receive a full report including data on sponsor Ad views and clickthrough rates, livestream views, networking engagement, survey report and much more.

      Additionally, you’ll see how much impact you made for stakeholders like sponsors and exhibitors by offering warm and cold leads based on ad views and click-through rates. You’ll also be able to share feedback with your presenters on the impact of their presentations and lectures, with details on how many people tuned in, from where and for how long.

      We all want objectivity when it comes to delivering an impactful event. So, the best place to start is to implement data and analytics tools to refer to afterward.

    2. Focus on accessibility

      Another marker of an impactful association meeting should be how accessible your content was for attendees. 

      With modern event technology allowing us to live-stream presentations and produce on-demand content, hybrid and virtual events are incredible ways to make association meetings more accessible to a broader audience:

      • In-venue attendance not required
      • Reduced travel and accommodation costs for guests and presenters
      • Live event translation in multiple languages
      • Accessibility standards across websites and platforms
      Making your events more accessible helps you reach broader and more diverse audiences and helps your organisation/presenters spread their message. It’s a win-win for all involved.

    3. Make it easier for members to get involved

      While making sure your association meeting has all the bells and whistles is a fine start, it won’t make much of an impact if it doesn’t stick out in people’s minds. So, you’ll need to ensure your event is memorable and that means implementing engaging content from all angles.

      With in-person, hybrid and virtual events, there are so many new and exciting ways to present your content that makes it unique and engaging. So instead of simply broadcasting a live or pre-recorded stream and leaving attendees to feel isolated, engage with them through this content! Arinex Live's event technology has features to help create memories for your guests including:

      • AI-powered networking opportunities to meet new people
      • Q&As, polls and surveys
      • Social feeds
      • Virtual exhibitor booths for shopping and exploring
      • Customisation that fits your brand and creates a long-lasting impact

      Your attendees will be more likely to remember such unique styles of content and your presenters will appreciate the wide range of tools available to them.

      In short, augment your events' experience with technology to create engagement with your organisation and networking opportunities.

    4. Build a community around your event

      Community-focused tools and content are another way to deliver impactful association meetings. With event platforms offering AI-powered networking and multi-functional chat capabilities, association events are now ideal for community-building as well.

      Arinex Live’s event technology offers interest-based matchmaking to help foster genuine networking within the digital space. Digital networking is notoriously difficult but Arinex Live has made it not only possible but effective too.

      Plus, your members will be able to chat with presenters in real-time to ask questions and clarify details and they can also message each other 1:1 or in a designated group. You can also incorporate live Q&As into your agenda to help everyone connect on a deeper level to solve problems and make strides in whatever industry you might find yourself in.

      At the end of the day, your association meeting isn’t just about delivering information or fielding sponsors. It’s about bringing your community together and fostering new, deeper connections between your members, stakeholders and presenters.


    5. Offer high-quality content

      Finally, to leave a lasting impact on your members from your association meeting, you need high-quality content and deliver if flawlessly whether your members are attending in person or online. Not only do you want your presentations to run smoothly with as little technical difficulty as possible, but you also want to offer a variety of types of content including:

      • HD Live Streaming
      • Professionally Produced On-Demand Content
      • Live Q&As
      • Interactive ePosters as well as Sponsors and Exhibitors content
      • Networking Sessions

      With Arinex Live, you can bring stellar, high-quality content to your guests and ensure they have an unforgettable time.

What sets Arinex Live apart is that we have real people manning a control centre for your unique hybrid or virtual association meeting. They’ll be there to broadcast your live streams, solve your technical issues and answer any questions along the way.

We get that you’re probably not a producer or broadcaster. You have better things to worry about when planning an association meeting. So, you can leave all the A/V and technical stuff to our event technology specialists and focus on incorporating the highest quality content possible.

There are many ways to deliver an impactful association meeting using Arinex Live. Ready to see what you can do at your next event? Speak with our specialists today!


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