How To Add Virtual Stream & Video On-Demand to a Live Event

Dec 8, 2021
1 Min read

The events industry is rightly celebrating a return to in-person events. The pandemic resulted in cancelled or hastily executed virtual events that often lacked impact & return.

But as an industry, we’ve also learned a great detail about how to execute hybrid options to augment and reduce risk in delivering in-person events. As we face ongoing uncertainty with travel restrictions, it makes sense to consider options that can work with your current plans and on-site technology.

Why consider a hybrid option?

et’s define a common scenario. 

An in-person conference is planned incorporating onsite AV tech to support keynote talks. While content is often recorded, the content is not broadcast or streamed as traditionally this is complex and costly. But with the right domain knowledge and using modern platforms, it is usually a low investment to take an onsite stream & broadcast. Registered virtual attendees can then easily consume and engage with live content and have access to subsequent webinars or on-demand viewing to cater to different time zones and audiences. This opens up audiences that cannot attend, without compromising or overcomplicating the in-person event.  

Options like virtual engagement with sponsors & attendees, transcription, captioning, and content translation can further enhance the virtual participant experience. 


What are the next steps to take up a hybrid option?

Questions to ask your event team and suppliers

        • How easily can the stream be broadcast?
        • Are there registered attendees who are at risk of missing the event?
        • Are there additional attendees who may benefit from a virtual streamed option, catch up webinar or an on-demand option?
        • How quickly can this be stood up if the need or opportunity arose?

How Can We Help?

We are event professionals with decades of event experience and we’ve helped hundreds of clients to quickly and efficiently add hybrid options to maximise return and reduce the stress in planning and executing events. We can work with your team to build a customised, white-label virtual platform that integrates with your onsite tech. We’ll provide on the day support from our operations centre so you can ensure virtual participants receive a professionally produced, quality experience.

Get in touch with us here at Arinex Live and request a demo to explore how you can add a hybrid option to your upcoming in-person event.



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