Feature Spotlight: Automatic CPD Tracking and Accreditation

Nov 4, 2021
2 Min read

Continual Professional Development (CPD or CPE) and events go hand in hand. We have a world first integrated hybrid and virtual event CPD solution, built directly into the Platform.
One of the biggest challenges at an event is awarding accurate CPD activities, especially for virtual and hybrid events. In the past this sort of data simply wasn’t available, at best the event organisers could capture Intent or a total session value. A significant amount of guesswork and manual data processing was required. No longer!

Your customised CPD requirements – built into your Platform


The first step of the CPD feature is to build your associations requirements into the Platform. Everyone accredits CPD differently. Some examples of the way we see our clients capture CPD is:

  • 1 hour = 1 CPD point
  • 70% of content watched = X number of CPD points
  • Attendance at 50% of sessions = X number of CPD points


We take your own CPD, requirements, and build this into your Platform. This sets the parameters of how you want to track and accredit the CPD points at that event or CPD seminar. We do this at no cost and we really can build any parameters you need!


Capturing CPD Data


The next step is to capture the CPD data, that filters into the above parameters that have been set.

The DC CPD solution captures real-time viewing and interaction from in-person and virtual delegates, providing instant analytics and insights to event organisers. This data captures how many minutes of both live and on-demand, what ePosters and Oral presenters they watched, and anything else that is relevant to the CPD function.

All data is then processed and provides event organisers and delegates access to total viewing time and breakdown by each talk including attendance

The best part – you can easily extract this data to go into your membership management software, or you can generate custom branded CPD certificates directly for your members.

The CPD solution includes:

  • One or more CPD Associations, allowing for global events to support multiple certification paths
  • Customisable points/metrics for each CPD Association
  • Flexible calculation methods and attributions
  • Delegates can belong to one or more CPD Associations
  • Automatic data capture of live stream and on-demand viewing of content
  • Onsite data capture using our onsite event solutions, creating accurate data for all delegates
  • Integration with Session Surveys, optionally requiring delegates to complete Session Surveys to receive CPD data
  • Self-service CPD dashboard for users, tracking progress throughout the CPD lifecycle
  • CPD/Attendance certificate generation including breakdown of individual Talk CPD
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • API Data access & integration to third party tools available

‍For an event with 10 delegates to 100,000, a comprehensive CPD solution provides another level of excellence for your event. Automated CPD capture, calculation, and reporting ensures your event provides value to your association and your delegates.



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